Our Founder & Principal Investigator

Our founder and principal investigator, Dr. David A. Wagner, Ph.D., (video here) is a SmartPLS/SPSS statistics consultant and teaches management, marketing, and statistics. Dr. Wagner has held leadership, marketing, addiction counseling, and technical positions. His research interests include consumer behavior, social psychology, behavioral health, and software-based behavioral health interventions that apply his research in cognitive dissonance. Dr. Wagner is a frequent speaker at colleges, corporations, churches, and human service agencies.

Our Team

Structural Equation Modeling and Statistics Associates (SEMStatistics.com) offers a focused set of products and services designed to assist researchers, marketing managers, health care administrators, and executive decision makers seeking to analyze multivariate data relationships.

Areas of Practice


Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) applied to Pay for Success Contracting, Provider Management, and Program Evaluation (AOD, Mental Heath, Behavioral Health, & DUI Treatment)


SmartPLS SEM Path Modeling for Marketing, Management, and Social Sciences

lavaan R Latent Variable Analysis

Survey/Data Collection, Data Collection, and Project Management Advisory


"We've helped researchers like you publishing over 1,000 papers in the last 2 years."

Source: SmartPLS

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David A. Wagner, Ph.D.

d.b.a. Structural Equation Modeling and Statistics Associates

6629 Wildwood Court

San Jose, CA USA 95120

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