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Statistics Products and Services

Structural Equation Modeling and Statistics Associates ( offers a focused set of products and services designed to assist researchers and decision makers seeking to analyze multivariate data relationships.

SmartPLS SEM Path Modeling for Marketing, Management, and Social Sciences -- Software & Consulting


SmartPLS is a leading path analysis tool using partial least squares regression analysis offered by as a reseller and consultant to customers who want a supported, world class system for confirmatory factor analysis, and do not have budget or time to engage in software design, customization, and testing.


Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) applied to Pay for Success Contracting, Provider Management, and Program Evaluation (AOD, Mental Heath, Behavioral Health, & DUI Treatment)

lavaan R (TM)


lavaan is an open source tool for latent variable analysis based on the R language. lavaan R (TM) is a supported version of the structural equation modeling tool offered by to customers who want an open source tool due to low software licensing costs and high need for customization.

Data Science Advisory offers a wide range of data science advisory services, including project planning, data collection, survey design, implementation, and management services. Our team is experienced with the major relational database tools that are compatible with SQL and Oracle. Our team can assist with capturing real time data to store in a database or data editing necessary to support statistical analysis. 

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